Hausärztliche Gemeinschaftspraxis Karl Thomas Brey & Dr. med. Viola Eising

medicine -
hollistic care.


to Karl Thomas Brey and Dr. med. Viola Eising's joint practice and practice for integrative medicine at the Stachus in Munich.

As general practitioners, we care about your health. Our goal is to maintain your health, always working closely together with you. For this reason, prevention is at the very center of our medical thinking and practice. Our services cover the conventional diagnostic examinations and therapeutic methods of internal medicine, as well as complimentary methods of holistic medicine. We use state-of-the-art technology to collect objective measurement data and record bodily functions.

It is our mission to analyze and recognize correlations and to implement therapy measures together with you. This allows us to prevent acute illnesses, avoid chronic illnesses and to help you improve your overall quality of life. We would be delighted to provide you with general practitioner and holistic care.
As your health coach team, we look forward to your visit. Please make an appointment – ideally online or give us a call.

Your practice team,

Karl Thomas Brey and Dr. med. Viola Eising
& colleagues


Hausärztliche Leistungen

Our services

We are your first port of call for health problems of all kinds. In a patient-centred environment, we focus on preventive medicine and innovative approaches to promote your health in the best possible way. Our GP services include an initial medical history, diagnostics and therapy to alleviate your acute complaints. We also provide long-term support for chronic illnesses. We also advise you as your guide through the healthcare system - we see ourselves as your personal health coach.

Medical check-ups

  • Basic Check-up

  • Premium Check-up

  • Vaccination services

  • Skin cancer screening

  • Colorectal cancer screening

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening

Travel and sportsmedicine

  • Individualized travel consultation

  • Vaccinations for travel

  • Yellow fever vaccination center

  • Diving fitness examination

  • Motorboat license examination

General medical care

  • General medical consultations

  • Laboratory services

  • Coordination with medical specialists and hospitals; preparation for surgery

  • Wound care

  • Ultrasound examinations of the abdomen, thyroid, Carotid artery Doppler/Duplex

  • ECG, Stress ECG

  • Holter blood pressure monitor

  • Ankle brachial index

  • Lung function tests

  • Measuring Oxygen saturation

Integrative Medizin

Integrative medicine - holistic care

Integrative medicine combines conventional medicine with alternative treatment methods. It is a bridge between conventional medicine and naturopathy. The aim ist o identify and
incorporate all influences and interrelationships on human health and treat them appropriately.


The individual combination of natural medicine and proven traditional healing methods can strengthen the immune system, promote the body's ability to regulate itself and thus optimize the recovery process in the event of illness. The treatment should incorporate as much conventional medicine as necessary, while being as natural as possible. Organ functions should be strengthened in order to maintain health and bring about healing. This process can also take some time. The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle in the long term. Patients with unclear long-term symptoms or chronic complaints are particularly suited for this type of therapy.

We would be delighted to advise you on the appropriate preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures. Individual scheduling allows us to respond flexibly and promptly to your appointment requests.

Get in touch if you are interested - we will be happy to help.

Note: After a detailed and holistic anamnesis (approx. 30-60 minutes), we compile the diagnostic and therapeutic steps and components individually. In general, individual holistic health services are not covered by statutory health insurance. The services are billed according to GOÄ (private patients are reimbursed most of the costs depending on the terms of their insurance). Consultations are usually billed according to time spent.


Our services in the field of holistic care

  • Bioresonance measurement (Vitatec)

  • Oxyvenation therapy according to Regelsberger

  • VNS analysis – measerment of the vegetative nervous system based on heart rate variability (HRV)

  • Vitality cure, Drip Spa

  • Autologous blood treatment

  • Intestinal cleansing

  • Laboratory services (measurement of vitamin and micronutrients, fatty acid profile, aminogram, functional measurement of the mitochondria, intestinal flora, test for SIBO, …)

  • Food intolerance test (lactose, fructose, sorbitol, histamine, …)